Mark Millet has been commissioned by numerous companies and individuals throughout the country to create original works of art. This gallery is devoted to a few of his recent customers.


 Mark can take your photographs and create a priceless memory.

email for details or call toll free 1-888-310-2280




G. V. “Sonny” Montgomery 

Well loved and respected United States Congressman from Mississippi for many years. Known for his consistent support of veterans and National Guard issues.A decorated veteran himself, “Sonny” served eight terms on the Armed Services Committee among dozens of other post.

This original oil painting by Mark Millet was donated to Mississippi State University.






Call about having a commissioned portrait of your children and their hobbies, or your husband and his golfing or hunting buddies, Grandparents, or any member of your family.
Mark’s illustrative drawing style and loose watercolor technique produces impressionistic realism which captures form and feeling. Mark has developed a unique style of watercolor portraits which tells the story of a person’s life.
Mark also does illuminating oil portraits.




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All images are the property of Mark Millet
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